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shadows of a doubt;

[it all fades in time]

17 March 1985
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'recovery', accents, advice, alcohol, angels, anxiety, art, autumn, bare feet, beating hearts, beauty, being true to yourself, being who i am, believing in others, black and white photographs, black eyeliner, body modification, bones, books, boys, buttons, candles, celtic jewellery, chalks, champagne, charcoal, children, cigarettes, coffee, cold showers, collarbones, colours, creative people, daffodils, dancing, daydreaming, death, depression, digital photography, drawing, dreams, early morning thoughts, eating disorders, exercise, finding my innerself, football, friends, friendship, getting mail, giggles, glass, happiness, heaven, hello kitty, helping people, high heels, hipbones, hope, hugs, hunger, insomnia, irish politics, joss stone, kissing, lace, laughing, lavender, learning to sew, lesbian fantasies, letters, lightening, lillies, little miss, long baths, love, lust, makeup, man ray, mayra hornbacher, meeting new people, memories, mini skirts, mirrors, ms, muse, music, old trees, owning my insecurities, paddy casey, painting, passion, pen & paper, perfection, photography, poetry, polka dots, quietness, rainbows, rainy days, reading, red siren, ribs, romance, rosary beads, roses, sand, scars, scissors, self-inflicted pain, sex, shapes, shoes, silence, silk pajamas, silly drunken nights, sketching, smiles, snow patrol, snowball fights, soft lighting, songs, spring, stars, strippy socks, summer, tea, tears, temptation, the moon, thinking, thunderstorms, too much caffeine, truth, tulips, unhealthy obsessions, united ireland, vodka, walks, watching the stars, watercolours, waterfalls, weeping willows, white wine, wind, windchimes, winter, wishes, wishing i could knit, words, writing